Duncan MacLear

Analyst, Mountain Properties

Duncan is a junior analyst, primarily dealing with JMA’s two ski mountain property collections. He works with the asset teams and internal JMA leadership to lend support to everyday operation and strategic project initiatives.

Duncan has held a bevy of hospitality and service industry jobs since he was eight years old, working every position from trash can cleaner to systems manager. Throughout his college career he spent time in industrial REIT acquisitions, dispositions and corporate accounting and as a chemical formulation safety and quality control officer. Now in his first post-graduate position, he aims to combine his intimate operating knowledge of unique luxury hospitality operations with a thoughtful and diligent approach to bring a new perspective to JMA.

Education: BA in hotel administration from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration (SHA) with minors in law and real estate.

Fun Fact: Duncan loves to learn about and keep up with events surrounding infrastructure and logistical systems, particularly trains and communication networks. He is a competitive strategy game enthusiast, and formerly held top-25 ranks state-wide and nationally in various board and video games.