JMA Ventures LLC | KATHY CHAN, VP Human Resources
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Kathy Chan

Vice President, Human Resources

We consider our team our most valuable asset and are devoted to nourishing a thriving company culture, which makes Kathy’s role as VP of Human Resources an important one. She oversees 600 employees over three properties within the JMA portfolio of projects.

She brings a true passion for people as well some serious experience, having previously served as the Regional Human Resources Director for Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, Boreal and Soda Springs Resorts under Powder Corporation and as Regional Human Resources Coordinator for Northern California at Whole Foods Market for 7 years.

When not in the office Kathy volunteers at her community elementary school and also resides as the President of the Sierra Human Resources Association. Kathy has held the office of President of the SHRA for over 4 years and has been an active member for several years.

Education: Certified Strategic Human Resources Professional accredited by the National Society for Human Resources

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