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Investment Opportunities

After 30+ years of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to our core group of investors, thanks to the JOBS Act, we are now able to offer the general public access to our unique investment opportunities that have previously only been available to friends, family, and our institutional partners. Founded on a discipline and systematic approach to investing, we believe that sometimes the best deal is the deal you did not pursue. As such, we keep our offerings limited so please check back periodically or sign up for our mailing list to receive updates regarding JMA and upcoming investment opportunities. Our fiduciary duty to our investors is our number one priority and we work hard to leverage our long history, strong relationships and expertise to deliver above market returns.

This website is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon by potential investors in making an investment decision regarding JMA Reno Hospitality Investors I, LLC (the “Fund”). Prior to making an investment decision, potential investors should carefully review the private placement memorandum, subscription agreement and other offering documents (the “Offering Documents”) with their legal and tax professionals without regard to statements made in this website. Investors must rely on their own examination of the Fund, including the merits and risks. If any information in this document appears to contradict or conflict with any statement in the offering documents, the investor should inquire directly with the Fund for further clarification and should not rely upon the information provided in this document. The Fund makes no representation that the information provided herein is updated or accurate when delivered. Any statement or reference to JMA Ventures, LLC, (including information relating to previous performance) is not reflective of the Company, which has not yet engaged in any trading activities.