JMA Ventures LLC | 10 places to visit in California in 2019
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10 places to visit in California in 2019

By David Ferry

DoCo, Sacramento

Yes, it’s the state capital. So why haven’t you gone for a visit?

After years of derision from their snobby coastal neighbors to the west, Sacramento is coming into its own. A town that once was synonymous with “stodgy” is now, in the improbable words of New York magazine, a capital of “California Cool.”

The epicenter of that hipness may well be the newly revitalized Downtown Commons, a stretch of town near the new Golden 1 Center arena that already has its own hipster moniker: DoCo.

For years the site of an aging two-level shopping center, the area surrounding K Street and Fifth is now home to the Sacramento Kings, as well as a bevy of well-reviewed restaurants, crowded bars and boho boutiques. Kari Miskit, vice president of communications for Visit Sacramento, says the Commons is a part of town that longtime residents finally see as living up to its potential.

“For those of us who had been around a long time,” Miskit says, “we’d been saying, ‘Hey, that bank building is so cool’ or ‘That lot would be perfect for the new stadium.’ And look what’s happened.”

An ideal day in the hood might include a lunch at the newly opened Bank, a Ferry Building-esque food hall set in one of the West’s oldest banks; dinner at Camden Spit and Larder from Oliver Ridgeway, one of the city’s favorite chefs; a show or game at the Golden 1 Center; and a nightcap at Fizz, the local Champagne bar. Book a night at the nearby Kimpton Sawyer, an achingly cool hotel that opened in 2017, and you’ve got yourself an ideal city break.


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