JMA Ventures LLC | Q&A: Getta Clue Co-Founder Expresses Excitement Over New DOCO Store
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Q&A: Getta Clue Co-Founder Expresses Excitement Over New DOCO Store

Scott Gilbert, co-founder of Getta Clue, discusses the store’s upcoming new location in DOCO, their success over the last two-plus decades, and the inspiring and aesthetic environment they look forward to creating in the community.

DOCO: Why are you moving your location back downtown?

Getta Clue: It feels like we are moving back home. We had 20 years of success in the downtown shopping district, and we became part of the fabric of the community that we love, so it was a easy decision and is more of a homecoming than anything.

DOCO: How do you believe Golden 1 Center is impacting businesses in Sacramento?

Getta Clue: Golden 1 Center is the catalyst for a huge amount of development that is just in its beginning stages. We are seeing interest from businesses willing to invest like never before. It has an exciting energy about it that everyone wants to be a part of.

DOCO: Can you give us a brief overview of Getta Clue’s history in Sacramento?

Getta Clue: Getta Clue Store was founded in 1992 by business partners Scott Gilbert and Justin Bilbao. The mission has been be a trendsetter in the retail fashion industry and appeal to the fashion forward tastemakers of Sacramento. Setting roots in downtown, Getta Clue has become a go-to for generations of fashion conscious youth and the young at heart.

DOCO: What can shoppers expect when they go to your new location in Downtown Sacramento?

Getta Clue: Getta Clue has always been know for providing an exciting, dynamic retail shopping experience. We will be approaching the aesthetic design of the Downtown Commons location with an intent to WOW the customers by combining the latest in fashion with music, street art with an edge. We are attempting to appeal to all the senses of the customers to provide an over all experience that is unique and memorable.

DOCO: You’ve been in business for more than two decades. What drove you to be entrepreneurial and start your own business?

Getta Clue: It is a privilege to be able to wake up every day and do what we love. Being in the business of retail fashion at this level for this length of time is difficult. It is always changing and always interesting. It seems like we have a new and exciting challenge to look forward to every day. Over the years, we have stayed connected to the community and focused on creating an environment for locals to network and explore their dreams. Many of today’s Sacramento boutique owners, restaurant owners, creatives and entrepreneurs have started as Getta Clue employees.

DOCO: Tell us more about your partnership together running Getta Clue.

Getta Clue: How did that come about? We have had a successful partnership over the years because we both bring different things to the table. I believe we compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses and that has been the key.

DOCO: Where did you get the name for Getta Clue?

Getta Clue: At the time, the name Getta Clue was a statement about being a store that people would come to if they wanted to “get a clue” on fashion or music or anything that was trendsetting at the moment.

DOCO: What’s your vision for the future of Getta Clue in Sacramento?

Getta Clue: Our vision for the Getta Clue at DOCO is to create a store that will continue to set the standard for retail street fashion and art.

DOCO: When do you plan to open?

Getta Clue: We are expected to start construction third quarter this year and hope to be open for Fall/Holiday 2017.

DOCO: What excites you the most about your new location and becoming a part of the growing retail/restaurant scene downtown?

Getta Clue: A vibrant downtown retail/restaurant scene has been a long-time coming for Sacramento. We feel the energy and excitement like never before. We are seeing restaurants and retailers that never considered being downtown, banging on the door to be part of the action. We have always been the type of store that you would see in the hip shopping districts of major cities, so we are excited that Sacramento finally is developing one of these districts and we are a perfect fit for it.

DOCO: How do you feel you cater to a Sacramento audience specifically? Tell us about the Sacramento-specific gear you sell.

Getta Clue: We have always focused a good part of our business on developing local brands. We love being able to put local product right next to well known, established national brands. We feel it is important to give support and guidance to our local designers and give them a platform to develop their brands. This has always been a fundamental part of our business.

DOCO: What sets Getta Clue apart from its competitors?

Getta Clue: Our relationships we have developed over the years are very important. We have been in the street fashion industry for decades and know the “ins and outs”. We are connected to our community at a ground level and are able to evolve with changing styles. A lot of retailers get set in their ways and are not able to evolve. In the business of fashion, you have to stay on top of things or you will get left in the dust.


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